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YAY! We're no longer grounded

As you know, businesses are starting to reopen after this whole quarantine situation. Maybe you are returning to work, maybe you are itching to just get out of the house and "away" for a moment, maybe you can FINALLY do things that you've been putting off. That being said; let's have a little "heart-to-heart":

Did you get bored and/or adventurous during quarantine? Attempted to do you own hair, and it didn't turn out as expected? happens #nojudgement

Lucky for you NiColoure salon is back open and operating at full capacity. I am here to help you get the look you want; no matter how bad you think you botched it. TRUST me - nothing is too much for me to handle. Client satisfaction is of the upmost importance to me. Hit me up today so I can get you taken care of.

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